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February 26, 2018

Dogs love going outside, even in the winter, but walks in the snow require a little more work than walks in the sun! When you’re out with your fur baby in the snow, the hair between his toes accumulates snow, causing ice pellets to form that can make walking painful. Salt on the streets can also be very irritating to paws.

You should take a few steps to avoid discomfort for your dog. You can spread the underside of his toes with petroleum jelly, which helps repel ice, preventing the formation of pellets. Additionally, you can trim the fur around his toes to prevent buildup. After a winter walk, you should make sure to wipe your dog’s paws with a wet cloth. If you find that your fur baby is still experiencing discomfort after taking these steps, you should consider using booties – most dogs accept them and they will keep your pet’s paws comfortable.

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association has more information on various steps you can take to prevent discomfort on walks:

Dogs get cold feet in winter too!

The OSPCA has a short video demonstrating how to properly clean your dog’s paws:

How to: Clean your pet’s paws in the winter


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