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About our Welcome Bundles


Thanks for checking out our pre-launch siteWe’re so excited to share this sneak peek of the Bernard and Kitty experience with you, while we put the finishing touches on our online store!  

To thank you for your support, and to help get you familiarized with our partner brands, we are offering these beautiful welcome boxes with free shipping! 

Our welcome bundles are packages of full-sized products, each carefully selected to reflect our values. They come in three varieties:

Our dog and cat bundles have healthy goodies for the pickiest eaters!

Bernard and Kitty is a family-owned Canadian business focused on providing pet families with information on how to best care for your animal, understand the products you are buying and make the best choices for your fur baby’s health and welfare. For more about who we are, read Our Story. 

We are excited to help you live your best life by educating you on the food you buy, where your products come from, and knowing the best options available.

Bernardandkitty.com will stock a curated selection of thousands of specialty pet food, treats, supplements and products to support healthy and sustainable living for your furbabies.  We will carry brands we believe in, and that share our values of integrity, sustainability and providing healthy choices for our customers.


What are welcome boxes? 

While we are busy working on building the Bernard and Kitty website, we wanted to introduce you to the Bernard and Kitty community by providing you with a selection of some of our premium healthy products, both popular favourites and exciting new partners! The brands we've chosen include:

  • Kyon, a famliy-owned company which sources all their 100% natural chews from small, independent farms in Quebec,
  • The Honest Kitchen, a U.S. based company that produces human-grade dehydrated, raw food for dogs and cats,
  • Spa Synergy, a company that makes amazing grooming products with nutrient-rich Dead Sea minerals, used as treatment for skin conditions for thousands of years,
  • NRG True North Treats, a Canadian company that sources premium quality ingredients for their raw treats, including wild Alaskan salmon, 
  • and many more!
Cat bundle of healthy goodies

In our neighbourhood, when a new family moves in, we welcome them with gifts of wine, cookies or other gifts to make them feel at home. While we’re the new kids on the block, we wanted to recreate that feeling of a friendly hand reaching out in a new place, and the start of new friendships that will last a lifetime. That’s why we are offering you this unique welcome box to thank you for your support in bringing our vision to life!

We love our community of pet families!


Welcome boxes will ship within 3-5 business days of placing your order, and will only be available in limited quantities. Once our complete selection of products are available on our website, we will no longer offer the welcome boxes. As silly as it sounds, don’t wait to take advantage of this special introductory offer! Welcome boxes will ship for free to most addresses in Ontario and Quebec, excluding remote areas. When you enter your shipping address at checkout, you'll be able to see if your order qualifies. Unfortunately, due to the nature of this offer, we are also not able to make any substitutions or changes to the contents of the welcome boxes. Only one welcome box can be ordered per household.  

Child and pomeranian playing in a welcome bundle box